what makes L&F different?


The experience of the Leonard & Finco team encompasses diversified media backgrounds ranging from television to radio and newspaper. This experience raises the bar of excellence to a new level. Understanding the who, what, where, why and when is only a fraction of a good PR plan. Knowing how to use that information to position your business, gain supporters or build an image is the key to good public relations.

Many PR firms try to be everything to everyone and don't meet expectations. At Leonard and Finco we focus on six key areas:

This is what separates us from other PR firms. We have extensive media, business and community contacts and use our experience to develop and implement successful public relations strategies. Let our expertise become an extension of your staff to make your company even better.

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"A number of our clients have greatly benefited from the assistance of L&F in high-profile or sensitive situations, where expertise in framing public messages and media management has been a critical component of meeting the client's needs.  L&F consistently exceeds expectations and handles these issues in a professional manner which reflects well on us and our client.  In fact, we have been so impressed with their work that our firm has engaged L&F to assist us in enhancing our own visibility in the community, and we have been very pleased with their thoughtful and collaborative approach."

Robert W. Burns
Davis & Kuelthau Attorneys at Law