WIS 29 corridor preservation


The WIS 29 Corridor Preservation Planning Study was created to review and develop measures intended to preserve the long-term traffic use of WIS 29 between Wittenberg and Green Bay. A complete system analysis needed to be completed including traffic count, flow and accessibility. In order for the study to move forward, a public education and information project needed to take place to make sure audiences are aware of and supportive of future improvement recommendations relating to growth in usage of the highway corridor.

To generate awareness and community involvement, Leonard & Finco Public Relations identified primary stakeholders, developed key messages and themes to use throughout the public education effort, created communication and education materials, arranged small group meetings and drafted and distributed newsletters, mailings, news releases and media relations. With the information Leonard & Finco Public Relations gathered, the WIS 29 Study was able to move forward in a timely and informed manner.