menominee indian school district


Menominee Indian School District (MISD) is a State of Wisconsin public school district, but it is the only district whose boundaries encompass an entire Indian reservation. As such, it faces a number of challenges including an at-risk school population due to the high rate of poverty and a small taxpayer base which consists primarily of retirees who moved to the area. Because of these challenges, there is a tendency for the public to focus on negative situations instead of the many positive initiatives underway in the District. MISD turned to Leonard & Finco (L&F) to develop and implement an on-going strategic communication plan to reach its various stakeholders.

L&F's strategic communication plan has a goal of generating and expanding public/community support and awareness. A variety of tactics, including a monthly newsletter, news releases, media events, social media content and community/stakeholder engagement activities are used to help achieve the goal.  These tactics are helping to improve stakeholder understanding of the challenges faced by MISD and, most importantly, the progress made by the District and its students.