wisconsin public service corporation


Wisconsin Public Service Corporation (WPS) was embarking on a multi-year plan to gain approval for, and construct, a new, $752 million, 500 megawatt, coal fired, base load generation unit in Weston, Wisconsin (near Wausau). This project was dubbed Weston-4 because three other generation units were located on the existing plant site.

Proposing a new power plant facility requires years of advance planning, an incredible number of government approvals as well as extensive stakeholder and community outreach efforts. Community and stakeholder approval are essential in gaining approval for such a project.

Leonard & Finco Public Relations was brought in to work with the WPS public affairs team in helping identify stakeholders and issues, develop strategies and implement a comprehensive community outreach plan. A variety of communications tactics were consistently used throughout the five year process, including small and large group meetings, official Public Information Meetings, newsletters, neighborhood outreach and letters, government relations, presentations, website and Internet information, media relations, etc. WPS received approval for the facility and L&F continued to work with the public affairs team to provide communications and outreach during construction and the dedication / grand opening.