davis & kuelthau

Davis & Kuelthau is a Wisconsin law firm with six locations. While the firm has a marketing department, the Green Bay office attorneys thought exposure in Northeast Wisconsin should be increased to create greater identity for the firm, its areas of expertise and its attorneys. They turned to Leonard & Finco for help.

It isn't enough to just understand the firm's areas of legal focus; L&F team members immersed themselves in learning about, and meeting with, the firm attorneys to truly understand their expertise and practices. Hot topics and trends were identified, as well as unique areas of expertise, target markets and audiences were identified and media was researched and a 12 month PR plan was mapped out.

In a one year period, Leonard & Finco generated positive media coverage, with an ad value equivalency in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. The tone and content of the media coverage was positive and positioned the attorneys as true experts in their fields. But perhaps most importantly, new clients have been generated and existing clients are reporting they have new knowledge of practice areas and, as a result, are utilizing the firm for additional legal work.