stevens & stevens business records management

Stevens & Stevens Business Records Management (SSBRM) is a full-service storage and information management center, providing services throughout the Southeastern United States, including Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. SSBRM was looking to raise its profile and expand its brand.

Leonard & Finco's goal is to raise awareness of SSBRM's services with its targeted audience. In order to raise SSBRM's profile in the community, Leonard & Finco regularly distributes information regarding accomplishments and experts to the local media via traditional and social media outlets. Additionally, Leonard & Finco distributes records management related columns and pitches potential media topics to showcase SSBRM's expertise.

Leonard & Finco's public relations efforts have helped raise the profile of SSBRM as experts in the records management industry. The public relations efforts have resulted in placements in the Tampa Bay Business Journal and Tampa Bay Medical News. Additionally, records management related news releases and SSBRM achievements/activities have also been highlighted in local media.

Leonard & Finco also develops daily social media postings for the SSBRM Facebook fan page and Twitter account to highlight records management trends, share news and pertinent articles, engage with the public and share SSBRM activities and accomplishments. Additionally, two records management topics are discussed in greater detail for the Facebook fan page note section.