port of green bay


Many external audiences (those not directly utilizing or impacted by the Port) are not aware of the economic importance of the Port and the role it plays in the community.  While it is easy to get support for riverfront development projects, often the Port takes a hit in public perception because people do not understand what it is, does and how it supports local businesses and jobs.

Initially, Leonard & Finco was hired for a one - year time period.  During this time, Leonard and Finco helped to launch a campaign (Harbor Prosperity) to remind the public of its role in the community.  For the campaign, L&F assisted in the following ways:

  • Scheduled public speaking engagements with various service groups and business organizations featuring the director of Brown County Port & Resource Recovery, Dean Haen
  • Scheduled information meetings with leaders of area cities, villages
  • Highlighted the port's contributions and accomplishments through increased news release development and wider distribution
  • Positively increased the port's visibility through increased story placement in area newspapers and on broadcast news

In addition, the campaign plans included upgrading the port's website, new dock signage getting installed at each port business and launching a billboard campaign.

With the Harbor Prosperity campaign being a great success, Leonard and Finco was hired on for long-term PR to reinforce the Port's message.  L&F currently helps the port in the following ways:

  • Increase involvement in the upgrade and implementation of port education materials
  • Increase port business visibility through a series of port business profiles in area newspapers
  • Extend story reach to regional and statewide publications