When it comes to serving industry and manufacturing, Leonard & Finco has wide ranging experience in successfully assisting these companies with their unique communication and public relations needs.

Here is a sampling of some of our clients, past and present:


"Leonard & Finco Public Relations has been an invaluable part of our American Foods Group team. In the food industry, where timeliness and accuracy is essential, you have to deal with firms that understand your business and can respond on a moment's notice.

In crisis situations, L&F's responsiveness, connections and ability to deal with the media and the public have been of great help. They carry out what we need to have done and they go beyond expectations by helping us develop new strategies and approaches to our communications needs.

The L&F team has also been of great assistance in our internal communications areas including communicating with our bi-lingual workforce and in reaching out to vendors and customers.  These audiences need regular, accurate information about our company and our industry; by utilizing L&F's services we are able to provide what's needed, when it's needed."

Carl Kuehne
President - Retired
American Foods Group