parallel 44


Parallel 44 has enjoyed positive reviews and stories about its wine and its vineyard. However, sustaining and maintaining media interest (and thus, consumer interest) is more challenging the longer a business is in operation. The owners of Parallel 44 believe that there are opportunities to be taken advantage of but, because of their primary responsibilities to the business, they have not been able to capitalize and pursue those opportunities.

In addition to capitalizing on PR opportunities, it will be important to differentiate Parallel 44 from other Wisconsin wineries, many of which specialize in fruit wines. Because of Parallel 44's location, facility, wine production methods and the owners' family story, this is something we can capitalize on in seeking additional media exposure.

In order to differentiate Parallel 44 from other Wisconsin wineries, it is important that Parallel 44 is regarded as the "expert" when it comes to wine making. To achieve this, Leonard & Finco Public Relations releases monthly advice columns to local publications written by the owner of Parallel 44. By developing advice columns, Parallel 44 is viewed as knowledgeable and approachable when it comes to wine. Leonard & Finco also puts a great emphasis on promoting Parallel 44's hosted events, ranging from placements in community calendars to appearances on local newscasts. Being seen as an expert in the industry and recognizable to the public will help give Parallel 44 an edge over other wineries in the region.