crisis management

A crisis can strike any company, in any industry, at any time. Leonard & Finco has successfully dealt with a wide range of crisis issues including:

  • Product recalls
  • Accidents and fires
  • Layoffs
  • Legal issues
  • Mergers & acquisitions
  • Protesters
  • Violence
  • Natural disasters

We provide the on-going communication strategy, advice and implementation that gets your company through difficult times.

Whether your organization is managing a crisis, or evaluating strategies for anticipated situations, Leonard & Finco works to take charge of media issues, while at the same time, helps shape communications to your internal and external audiences. L&F can help develop the framework for an effective crisis communications plan. And when a crisis occurs, we work with your teams to reduce the impact, minimize the damage and begin to recover the public image of your organization.

Areas of Expertise

  • Crisis management plan development
  • Strategy & evaluation
  • Internal / external response
  • Litigation PR
  • Media coordination / liaison
  • Messaging
  • Media tracking evaluation
  • On-going communication
  • Program development
  • Rapid response team
  • Crisis management training
  • Disaster planning