amerhart crisis communication plan

Amerhart, with seven offices in four states, is a wholesale distribution source for a variety of building materials throughout the Midwest. It approached Leonard & Finco Public Relations to develop a crisis management/communication plan. Amerhart had tried developing the plan on its own, but didn't feel it met their needs and weren't sure how to proceed

The L&F team met with Amerhart leadership and branch managers, as well as talked with Amerhart employees to discuss how they currently handle crisis situations and determine potential crisis areas. Working with Amerhart's HR department, L&F gathered documents from Amerhart departments and branches that dealt with various aspects of crisis management and communication. L&F also began reviewing past crisis management and communication plans developed with, and for, other L&F clients as well as researching best practices in crisis management and communication plans. Finally, L&F began putting it all together in a single document. 

The Amerhart crisis management/communication plan is comprehensive and easy to use. It contains literally all information needed in the event of a crisis and lists will be updated twice a year to ensure they remain current. The plan has received positive reviews and comments from leadership and branch managers. New leaders and managers will be briefed on the plan by HR and, on a yearly basis, all leaders will be expected to revisit the plan the make any necessary changes.