building media relations throughout six wisconsin counties


Challenge:, a statewide, non-profit organization that focuses on building healthy relationships between couples, needed help with branding and imaging as many misconceptions existed about thinkmarriage. In addition, thinkmarriage needed help with workshop promotions while keeping budget dollars in mind.

The staff at Leonard & Finco developed a plan which would help get thinkmarriage's mission out to the public, position staff as marriage experts and help with special event and class promotions. To put thinkmarriage's plan into effect throughout the six counties it covers (Brown, Marathon, Waukesha, Outagamie, Milwaukee and Fond du Lac) and continue with long-term image building, Leonard & Finco assists with the following:

  • Schedules speaking engagements
  • Promotes workshops and seminars in daily, weekly and monthly publications and television stations for free, including Hispanic publications
  • Researches appropriate publications that will print a column or op-ed piece
  • Identifies relevant marriage and relationship topics which credit thinkmarriage as a resource for education of teens, singles, married Latinos, and troubled marriages
  • Helps to coordinate press conferences and contact media
  • Helps to notify the media of national news stories that thinkmarriage can comment on and serve as a local resource for information on class and seminars in their areas
  • Provides assistance in strategy for PR campaigns