burger fest


As a Seymour, Wisconsin signature event since 1988, the festival attracts burger lovers from throughout Wisconsin. Burger Fest is well-known locally, but needed to attract more tourists to keep the event going and growing. The Burger Fest committee also wanted to let the world know that it was Charlie Nagreen in Seymour, Wisconsin who created the first burger; a title that several other communities would like to hold.

L&F took a multi-level strategic approach to promotion and publicity. One of the strategies included pitching the unique elements of Burger Fest to the national as well as local media to encourage story coverage. Another tactic was to run an event ticket giveaway on social media. A targeted, low-cost Facebook ad was also developed to maximize the number of people who signed up for the contest, but also to increase the number of people who were made aware of the event and who started to follow the Burger Fest page.

Media pitches and social media efforts by L&F drew thousands to Seymour for Burger Fest; making it a huge success.

  • Attendance hit one of its highest levels ever; with lines for food, events and competitions
  • Approximately 130 print, online, TV and radio segments featured the event. Noteworthy placements included:
    -  The Food Network's online blog, FN Dish
    -  The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel featured Burger Fest in multiple stories
    -  Each local Northeast Wisconsin TV station featured interviews and/or coverage of Burger Fest; some of which was picked up by affiliate stations across the state
  • Over 1,000 new followers were gained on social media
  • The Facebook event page reached 117,000 people and gained 4,800 event responses