central brown county water authority


Brown County suburbs were running out of drinkable water. The level of the aquifer that supplies the water is rapidly declining and quality is an issue. After years of studying the financials and considering viable water solution alternatives, the Central Brown County Water Authority decided to announce that it would purchase water from the city of Manitowoc to provide member residents with the best long-term water supply.

Research was conducted to assess community knowledge of the issue. To make a very complicated matter understandable, short and concise messages were developed. These messages were then packaged into a variety of communications tools, allowing the Authority to share the reasoning behind its decision with community residents. Public meetings, small group meetings, newsletters, an aggressive media outreach effort, a website and other tools were utilized to reach residents on a variety of levels.

This communication effort helped solidify member community support for the decision. It also helped prevent repeated attempts by outside, non-community entities who were advocating the purchase of water from Green Bay.

Ground was broken for the $119 million pipeline project in the summer of 2005.

The project was completed with quality drinking water flowing to the member communities in full in 2007.  L&F continues to work with the authority to update member communities on an on-going basis.