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Challenge:WLS walk for wildlife
The Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary has a great connection to the community and wanted to showcase more of the everyday activities and promote events using social media. In addition, the Sanctuary wanted to create a relaxed platform where families and other visitors to the Sanctuary could share their memories, photos and ask questions of the staff.

Leonard & Finco established a Facebook Fan Page and Twitter account for the Sanctuary in August of 2010. The project started small, using the Fan Page primarily to promote the annual Walk for Wildlife event and using the Twitter feed to post upcoming events.

As more people became aware of the new ways to communicate with the Sanctuary, however, the number of fans and followers began to increase and people started using social media to ask staff questions about animal care, post photos of recent trips to the Sanctuary, share thoughts on programs they attended and participate in Sanctuary sponsored contests.

The Sanctuary's social media accounts have grown to become an integral part of its overall public relations strategy and are used to post daily activities and events, share photos of Sanctuary projects, engage with other wildlife and nature conservation organizations, share Sanctuary news and ask for public feedback and offer contests. The use of social media, combined with traditional media outreach has helped to increase public interest and attendance at Sanctuary events.

Overall, social media has provided the Sanctuary an opportunity to engage with a growing number of followers. The Fan page had more than 1,000 "likes" within the first year of operation and the Sanctuary's Twitter feed grew to more than 400 followers and includes members of local media outlets. These numbers continue to grow each month.