• Scott Stein and Susan FincoL&F’s vision is to create a team atmosphere focused on integrity and quality to build client relationships and set the standard for PR excellence.
  • Allison Barnes, Scott Stein“L&F provides timely and insightful guidance on media relations, community outreach and issues management."  

    Donn Johnson
    General Manager

  • Noelle Cutler and Cole Buergi"L&F's expertise, coupled with their approach to content development, offers WPI new avenues to reach key prospects."   
    Mike Kilgore
    VP Marketing & Sales
    Wisconsin Plastics, Inc.
  • Noelle Marr, Scott Stein, Allison Barnes“L&F has been ready with ideas to convey a positive image of our business in an energetic way.”

    Dean Haen
    Director of Brown County Port & Resource Recovery
    Port of Green Bay

  • Leonard & Finco Public RelationsL&F is an award winning agency which has been recognized with more than 32 PRSA Awards, the Green Bay Area Chamber of Commerce Cornerstone Award and the Chamber's Small Business of the Year Award.
  • Noelle Cutler, Cole Buergi, Scott Stein"L&F has always taken the time to truly understand our business and how we operate, which is critical when communicating to our stakeholders."

    Marty Piette, A.A.E., Director
    Green Bay Airport (GRB)

  • Allison Barnes, Susan Finco“L&F is a valued team member, providing strategic direction for all of the project’s stakeholder outreach efforts.”
    Nate Lipinsky
    Senior Project Manager
  • Melissa Bowman, Cole BuergiL&F’s mission is to provide clients with strategic PR expertise in an ethical manner by listening to their needs and generating creative ideas achieve quality results.

Understanding your audiences and managing your message is key to your communication strategy and generating the desired results.

Let L&F's experts help reach your audiences in this ever-changing environment.

Don't get caught off guard. Prepare yourself and your company to be ready to deal with a crisis when it happens.

L&F can help you stand out in the crowd by helping to build, expand or repair your organization's brand.

PR Tip

How to Pitch a Story That Won't be Ignored

Pitching a story to a reporter may sound simple. "My business is doing XYZ. You should write a story about it."

However, the truth is an approach like this rarely works. To be successful in getting your story covered by a particular media outlet, you have to put some time and effort into reaching out. Read on to find out how to pitch a story that won't be ignored.

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