Back to Basics: does your website include this information?

By: Allison Barnes, Account Assistant, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

Websites can be frustrating in so many ways. Links that don’t work, out of date information, and impatiently waiting for content to load due to buffering. But one website pet peeve of mine is the lack of information some websites provide to viewers. Why have a website if it’s not up to date or does not show potential customers how to reach you or what your business stands for? Here are the basics I think every website should include:

  • Contact information – A business website should make it clear where the business is located, mailing address or the best way to contact the company. Most websites include this information either on the top or bottom of a page or on a separate “Contact” page. Items like employees’ names, title, phone number and email address should also be easy to locate. For large businesses with hundreds of employees, don’t list every employee, but be sure to include key contacts, such as the President/CEO, department heads, and customer service reps. All contact information should be updated as soon as any of this information is changed.                            
  • Links to social media – If your business is on any social media platform, a link or username for each platform should be available for website visitors to find. Setting up social media accounts takes time, so show off your hard work! Social media accounts should also include up-to-date contact information like the company address, website url, phone number and a general email address for inquires, and general information about your business. Think of your social media page as a small website, explaining what your company does and how it got started. Get visitors interested in your business, so they want to learn more about it, your products or services.
  • Accurate information – Your business spends a lot of time perfecting your services, products and brand, so keep up with it by providing accurate information, such as products available, current job openings and event calendars. Don’t disappoint visitors with inaccurate information about who you are, a product that is no longer manufactured or a job posting that has been filled.
Provide visitors with the information they want and need to know about your business. They will appreciate your honesty and will hopefully make a purchase. What would you add to websites that typically isn’t included? I would love to hear from you!