Balanced Storytelling with Social Media

By: Ashley Vickney, Account Assistant
Leonard & Finco Public Relations

You’ve identified what social media platforms your audience members are on, you’ve followed the best accounts, and you’ve started to build an engaged following. Now it’s time to start posting about your organization: the people, the events, and the products. How do you balance it?

Social media posting is about balance. People who follow your accounts want to hear about your deals and events, but also want to hear stories. Social media gives you the ability to tell your story, on your terms. Take advantage of that opportunity and share your story, not just your events and products.

I’ve noticed a recent trend with many business or organizations, posts that are about their volunteers, customers or employees get the most engagement. Likes, comments and shares happen when people feel a human connection.


How do you find the perfect equation? Trial and error is the easiest way to figure out how often your followers want to see events in comparison to feel good stories. Share more promotional posts one month, and the next more human connection stories. Which month do you have higher engagement? From there, decide what is best for your organization, business or brand.
Use a human connection to tell the story of your product or event. Have someone narrate how the idea started, and the process from there. People will not only connect with your product or event, but will also connect with your company on a human level.
Why do you want people to connect with you on two levels? Brand loyalty. Millennials are the most loyal generation, with over 50 percent saying that they are extremely loyal or very loyal to their favorite brands according to an article on More than 40 percent of Millennials use social media to spread the word about their favorite brands. Millennials are also encouraged by authenticity. Showing the process by which your event or brand came about is a genuine way to showcase your business.
How do you tell your story?