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How does your business talk?

Every business has a unique voice; one that takes on a personality of its own. A business voice can sound casual and personable, corporate and professional or even off collar. The way your business talks sets the stage for how your audience will know and interact...

Don’t let TL;DR Impact Your Communications

Have you heard the term TL;DR or seen it written in comments following a post, article or email? It stands for Too Long; Didn’t Read. And yes, it is a thing. And yes, you’re seeing it more and more often these days. Studies show that our attention spans are getting...

The Darkside of Communication

No matter how careful you are with your phone number or email, spammers can find you. Text messages, emails and even phone calls come to us at all times of the day throughout the week. And the spammers are getting more sophisticated in how their communications...

Wading Through the Waves of Fake News

One rarely reads a newspaper today – in print or online – without seeing a “fact checking” story. It’s just another facet of the fake news era we live in. Gone are the days where you can safely assume that the information you see in the news or online is accurate....