Despite the ugly campaigns, your vote is important

By: Scott Stein, Vice President of Client Services, Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc.
If you’re like me, you’re probably near the boiling point when it comes to political ads on TV these days. The election is still about three weeks away, and we’re being bombarded on the airwaves with ad after ad touting one candidate or blasting an opponent.
That doesn’t take into consideration the number of phone calls, either political polls or robo calls  supporting one political party or the other. And how could I forget about the postcards that fill my mailbox on a daily basis or my Facebook “friends” who don’t seem to understand that most of us don’t want to read your political rants on social media.
Having said all that, you may be surprised that this blog is actually about how important it is to do your homework and be sure you get to the polls on November 6th. I’ll never get on a soapbox and tell you who I think you should vote for, but as a member of Project VOTE I will preach a bit about your right to vote and your responsibility to participate in the election process. 
Sure, the election process seems to get uglier with each election cycle, whether it’s the race for President or even a local election. Still, that doesn’t diminish the importance of casting your ballot.  
We hear from many who complain that elected officials don’t listen to the public. But if we don’t bother to vote, our voice will not be heard at all. Our votes send a message to those running for office. If we don’t vote, that message is loud and clear that we don’t care; and that’s a dangerous message to send.
So despite all the negative ads, bothersome phone calls and annoying social media posts, please don’t forget about your “right” to vote, or should I say, your “responsibility” to vote on election day.