Don’t be afraid to give video a try

By: Kristen Paquet, Sr. Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations
I recently wrapped up a video recording session with a client. We are making short, recycling tip videos to post on their social media pages. It wasn’t anything too elaborate; my colleague did the recording with our office video camera and we used a lapel mic for clearer sound. Add in a few different locations and some props for variety, and there you go.
Although our intent wasn’t to go over the top with special effects and editing, there were a few things I learned along the way that could be helpful to anyone looking to create a short video to help promote their business or create awareness. 
Don’t go in with a script. The videos we made are meant to be quick recycling tips, so we wanted to express a more conversational tone. If I had gone in with an exact script that was read word for word, the information would have sounded rehearsed and too stiff. Sometimes, it’s just a good idea to let the person talk, and do the editing from there.
Do multiple takes. Even if you think you nailed it on the first try, it’s always a good idea to have a few options to choose from. A take you thought was the best while shooting may look very different once you look at it on your computer. In these cases, you’ll be glad you have other options to consider.
Plan ahead. Long before anything was recorded, I worked with the client to develop a list of possible topics and then narrowed it down to the top questions/concerns people had about recycling. Once the topic list was developed, we discussed different locations and what props would be needed, making the day of recording much easier.
Know how to make simple edits. Something as simple as adding an introductory frame to the video will give you a more polished look. Adding another frame at the end of the video with a website address is another good idea and gives you a clean product to post.  Many of these transitions can be done with video software on most computers like iMovie or even PowerPoint.
Using video can be a useful way to share your message with your audience in a creative and highly shareable way. Give it a try and let me know if you have any other tips to share!