High tech not always the best approach

By: Cole Buergi, VP of Business Development

I’m dating myself, but when I first entered my career, high tech meant using email, which was relatively new and not everyone had an email account. As for the likes of Google, Twitter and Facebook, those words weren’t even invented yet.

Fast forward to 2015 and now we communicate using all of the latest and greatest technologies including texting, social media and a variety of other techno gadgets. Yes, it’s definitely made life a lot easier in many respects. Admittedly, I use one or more of these tech tools daily.

However, one area that I think is sorely lacking is the ability to pick up the phone and actually use it for its original purpose, to talk with someone. The lack of people willing to call one another to discuss business is almost mind boggling to me. Email, texting or Facebook have their appropriate places within overall communications, but don’t overlook the easiest and best way to communicate, verbally.

It’s especially effective when talking with a reporter. It allows you to convey your message succinctly and with emotion which often times is the catalyst that gets a reporter interested in doing a story. Plus, most people are pitching reporters via email or social media. This leaves their phone line open for me to call and share an idea.

Share your thoughts. What’s your preferred method of contacting other businesses or reporters

Reporters: What’s your preferred method of being contacted?