Better brokers.
Better for business.

The INTERNATIONAL BUSINESS BROKERS ASSOCIATION (IBBA) is an international membership organization for individuals and firms that provide business brokerage/mergers and acquisition services.


IBBA had a two-fold challenge:
  • The need to make those in the business brokerage/M&A world aware of the organization (and benefits of membership)
  • The need to make those selling or buying businesses aware of the organization and the advantages in using an IBBA member broker for their business deals


Leonard & Finco developed a comprehensive, strategic outreach plan which is regularly updated as it is implemented. Elements and tactics through the past 10 years include:
  • Communication audit, evaluation and development of overarching recommendations and strategies
  • Messaging and theme development; related talking points
  • On-going identification of potential media topics, expert speakers and success stories featuring IBBA leadership, members and their clients
  • News releases, feature columns (trade, traditional, online); social media posts related to same
  • Targeted media list development (traditional, trade, social, online bloggers, etc.)
  • Targeted media editorial calendar
  • Media kit development and updates
  • Quick hit media alerts and contacts
  • Semi-annual business conference promotion and publicity
  • “Better with a business broker” campaign
  • Leveraging existing IBBA resources
  • Blog/vlog creation
  • Podcast creation, coordination and promotion
  • Presentation development
  • Whiteboard video development
  • Media training
  • General PR consultation services
  • Development of monthly task and timelines
  • Review and planning meetings


The PR strategy was successful:
Following a significant loss of members during the 2008 economic downturn, IBBA has grown to record membership and engagement. Attendance at conferences has also grown through the years.

IBBA news releases and “expert” columns are carried by numerous online and traditional media outlets; with Ad Value Equivalency (AVE) in the tens of thousands of dollars on a yearly basis. (AVE is what the earned media placements would have cost; had the news placements been paid advertising.) IBBA leadership, as well as its members, are frequently interviewed and quoted in major media outlets as well as local publications.

Social media has also expanded thanks to an IBBA internal initiative, supplemented with items such as the whiteboard videos produced by Leonard & Finco.

“Strategic planning and content creation are keys to success.”