Interest in Pinterest

By: Kristen Paquet, Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc.
As many of you already know, Pinterest is the newest and fastest growing social media site out there today. The site offers a unique way to visually express things you like or are interested in by “pinning” images, photos and video to your virtual pinboard. Each image links back to the website it originally came from, which for businesses, can be a benefit because it helps drive traffic back to your site and can improve your SEO by creating links.
Because Pinterest is the newest thing, your first reaction might be to sign up for an account and start pinning away – like now. But before you jump on the bandwagon, as with other social media accounts, you need to determine if the latest and greatest is really right for your business.
Things to consider:
Does the audience on Pinterest align with the audience you are seeking?Right now, Pinterest users are mostly women between the ages 25-34 with money to spend. If you are a retailer, this might be a good fit. Not quite the audience you are seeking? Don’t worry. Keep checking back. As Pinterest evolves, so will its users and new demographics can emerge that might meet your needs down the line.
Do you have enough content to share? Pinterest is a very visual site. Before you start pinning away, determine ahead of time if you will have enough relevant and interesting content to post regularly that will garner a response or be repinned by other users. After all, having your images “repinned” is the goal as it will help create a positive buzz about your brand. Developing a plan that includes when and what you pin will help you determine if you have the content to share that will create the impact you are looking for.
Do you have the time to put into it? I always tell clients that they shouldn’t engage in any kind of social media site unless they can commit to the upkeep to maintain and monitor it. If you can’t dedicate the time to pin consistently, interact with your followers or comment, you run the risk of turning off the very audience you are hoping to attract. There is nothing more frustrating than asking a question on a social media site and never getting a response.
Social media sites like Pinterest are great tools to have in your PR arsenal, but should be just one part of your overall PR plan. What sites you chose to dedicate time to depend on your business, your communication goals and who you are trying to reach. Once that is determined, think strategically on how you plan to use social media to reach out and engage your audience. A good rule of thumb: if you sign up for the latest and greatest social media craze but don’t really know why… it probably won’t meet your communication goals.
Has anyone had communications success with a Pinterest account? Anyone struggling? Let’s talk about it!