Interview Ready?

By: Kristen Paquet, Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

Have you ever watched someone being interviewed on TV only to cringe at their awful answers? Or what about when someone answers a question by talking and talking, not realizing that they are making things worse? Chances are they weren’t as prepared for the interview as they should have been.

Whether you have done several interviews or are a novice, the key to a successful interview is being prepared. We work with our clients every time they have an interview so they are sure to state their message clearly, logically and consistently. We review talking points, discuss the interview location and suggest visuals to use if appropriate. No detail is too small, so we also review things like what to wear, how to sit and how to project your voice properly.

So, are you interview-ready? Take a moment and complete the pop quiz below to find out. Don’t worry, it’s not too hard, but it does get the point across that the details do matter when it comes to effective PR. Proper planning and practicing in advance will get you the results you are looking for.

1. When doing an interview, it’s always a good idea to have ____ messages (or points) you want to make.

A. 6
B. 3
C. 25
D. 1

2. When preparing for a radio interview a key thing to keep in mind is:

A. Don’t talk too fast – watch your pace
B. Just wing it
C. Mumble
D. Radio interviews really aren’t that important

3. For a television interview it is best to:

A. Try out a new hair style
B. Wear a crazy patterned shirt
C. Dress professionally, but appropriately
D. Wear all black – better to be safe than sorry with colors

4. When asked a difficult question or a question you are not sure how to answer during an interview you should:

A. Say “no comment”
B. Tell the reporter they are crazy
C. Repeat a previous answer
D. Be honest and tell the reporter why you can’t answer the question or that you will have to get back to them with the answer

5. When preparing for an interview it is important to consider:

A. Opportunities to discuss with the reporter such as ideas for b-roll footage and additional people they could interview
B. Just focusing on the facts
C. Prepare? Who prepares?
D. Setting extra time aside to meditate before the interview

So, how did you do on the quiz? Are there other questions you think should be included? Any answers you would argue with? Let me know!

Answers: 1.) B; 2.) A; 3.) C; 4.) D.; 5.) A.