Big ships.
Big impact.

The PORT OF GREEN BAY exists to enhance the prosperity of the people of Northeast Wisconsin by providing facilities and infrastructure able to effectively and efficiently move commodities and goods across the nation.


In most Port cities, the average person probably doesn’t know what a Port is or does. It’s no different in Green Bay, Wisconsin. What most people do know is that big ships coming through the Port cause the bridges to go up, which can impact motor vehicle traffic; and that the Port’s terminal operators have land on the waterfront, which some feel should be used instead for housing, retail or recreation. The challenge was to create public awareness about the Port of Green Bay with an emphasis on the importance of the Port to the region’s economy.


L&F’s solution was to create a comprehensive, strategic approach to public outreach and education that demonstrates the Port’s importance and involvement in the region, designed to build public support and a positive reputation.

Public outreach efforts include developing creative and interesting social media, development and distribution of news releases and media pitches, promoting outreach activities and economic impacts including the creation of whiteboard videos.

The first whiteboard video created for the port clearly and succinctly explains what the Port is and does in a visually appealing way in just 90 seconds. It is short, fun and eye-catching, designed to appeal to people who otherwise may not pay attention to the Port.

The video was shared on the Port’s social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube) and added as a permanent feature on to the Port’s website. It received the American Association of Port Authorities highest communication award of excellence.


The goal of this effort was to reach 3,000 people on social media and get 1,000 views of the video within two months of the video being posted.
The results:
  • Reached over 4,000 people
  • More than 1,600 views on Facebook alone within the first two months
  • 152 shares, likes and comments
  • Positive social media comments, including the following:
    • “This is such a cool video”
    • “Love our Port!!”
    • “Very nice!”
    • “Looks awesome!!”
Additionally, the ongoing comprehensive, strategic outreach efforts continue to make an impact, with the number of people following the Port on social media steadily increasing. And when it comes to earned media, in 2020, the public relations efforts on behalf of the Port had an Ad Value Equivalency (A.V.E.) exceeding $1 million.

“Leonard & Finco helps us proactively tell our story to media, customers, stakeholders, elected officials and the public.”

Dean Haen, Director of Brown County Port & Resource Recovery
Port of Green Bay