Reenergize your social media


By: Susan Finco, President, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

If you’ve been dong social media for a long time, it’s easy to get in rut. Telltale signs: Your posts are not attention getting. You’re not generating or sharing new content.  The number of hours or days between posts keeps getting longer. Visuals are just “too much work” to add to your posts. You’re not stimulating much conversation among your followers. You haven’t updated your profile or company profile in months. Does it sound like you?

Well, summer is the perfect time to reenergize your approach to social media. Grab a couple of co-workers or friends, set up a few lawn chairs outside, and start talking about what you’re doing and why. What was your original goal of using social media? Who is your target audience? Has it changed? Have you been keeping up with the trends in social media?  Have you been keeping up with the news in general?

An informal brainstorming session in the great outdoors can be a fun solution to a case of the social media blahs. You’ll undoubtedly come up with at least a few good ideas – and probably some that you’ll laugh about for months. Either way, it’s a win for your social media efforts and your team. Plus, you get to enjoy a little sunshine during the work day. Nothing wrong with that!