Remember a Veteran on 11-11-11!

By: Scott Stein, Sr. Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc.

A week or so ago I was visiting my favorite store, Festival Foods in De Pere. I normally don’t go down the aisle with the greeting cards, but for some reason I did on this day (probably to avoid another congested aisle). As I strolled past the greeting cards I noticed a new section of cards commemorating Veterans Day.

I don’t ever remember seeing cards for Veterans Day, even though the greeting card industry seems to create many new holidays or observances just to sell more of their product. But the small display of Veterans Day cards really hit me. Maybe it’s because my 89-year-old dad is a Navy veteran who served during World War II and in Korea and I’m not sure how many more Veterans Days he’ll have to celebrate.

So I checked out the different cards. There were cards for dads who are veterans, as well as cards for specific branches of the Armed Forces. It was actually a tough decision, but I settled on a card that I liked and now I just have to remember to get it in the mail so it arrives at the right time.

I don’t send or give cards very often, usually just birthdays for special people in my life. Of course, each Christmas I also vow that I will consider sending Christmas cards next year. But sending a card to the very special veteran in my life just feels right; it’s an opportunity to say thanks for everything he’s done for me and for our country.

I’d encourage you to join me this Veterans Day. Send a card to the special veteran in your life. Even if you don’t have a close relative who is a veteran, surely you know someone who has bravely served his or her country and would appreciate being remembered on 11-11-11.