Remember what the season’s all about

By: Scott Stein, Sr. Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

It’s the holiday season and everyone is busy running from here to there. Whether it is Christmas shopping, checking out a client’s holiday get-together, the office Christmas party or planning a family gathering at your house, there’s so much to get done.

We get so busy that we often forget that the holidays are really about giving. That’s especially true this year as many people continue to feel the sting of the down economy. Yes, there are signs of improvement, still we all know someone who’s out of a job and local non-profits are feeling the squeeze with increased demand and declining support.

Promoting charitable giving is a great way to celebrate the holidays. Simple office discussions about Bell Ringing or the impact a local charitable organization is having may spur others to donate or help out in some other way.

Even in small office, there are simple things that can be done…

  • Volunteer – Supporting a charitable organization doesn’t have to mean writing a check. Volunteers are the key to success in helping others for most non-profits. The Christmas season is a great time to ring bells for The Salvation Army. Giving your time and energy is a great gift during the holidays and at other times of the year.
  • Collect food or toys – Many organizations are looking for non-perishable food donations or toys during the Christmas season. If everyone in the office donates a can of food or a toy, those items can collectively make a difference for a less fortunate family’s holiday season. But don’t limit yourself to the holidays, food pantries need your help throughout the year.
  • Plan an office fundraiser – How about an office bake sale or even a silent auction to raise money. Or even a special weekly or monthly lunch can be a good fundraising activity. If everyone gets involved, then the nickels and dimes can add up to a healthy donation to a needy organization.

Charitable efforts in the workplace can lead to improved teamwork. You’ll also reap the benefits of knowing that you’ve done something to help those in need. What types of things are you doing this holiday season or in 2010?