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Leonard & Finco Public Relations clients utilize the firm’s expertise for a variety of PR services, which are often used in combination to develop and implement effective, efficient and successful campaigns and projects.

Our main areas of expertise include:

Reaching your targeted audience(s) where they’re at with engaging content

Equipping you with tools and training to communicate with stakeholders and media

Providing communications strategy, advice and implementation that gets your company through times of crisis

Helping you establish brand name recognition and a reputation you can be proud of

Controlling the conversation by telling your side of the story out proactively and positively

Planning and coordinating events that create excitement and a lasting memory


CAN improve your business!



“I’m writing to thank you personally for taking the time to help us with our crisis on social media. Thanks to your guidance, things have calmed down. I can’t express how thankful I am. This has been a nightmare and for you to treat us just like any other larger business means a lot. I have spent the last four years building this business and for someone to go online and do the damage he did in a matter of hours is scary. The only thing I wish is I would have done differently is call you sooner.”

Kelly, Small Business Owner | Wisconsin 
Kelly, Small Business Owner | Wisconsin

“L&F provides timely and insightful guidance on media relations, community outreach and issues management.”

Donn Johnson, General Manager | Sanimax 
Donn Johnson, General Manager | Sanimax

“L&F’s skills and expertise were essential in creating and launching the I-39/90 Expansion Project Facebook page. From the design of the page to content creation, they have keen insight and understanding on how to attract and engage audiences. They are a valued member, providing strategic direction for all of the project’s stakeholder outreach efforts.”

Nate Lipinski, Project Manager | AECOM 
Nate Lipinski, Project Manager | AECOM

“When I first started my business, I realized branding was going to play a significant factor in my success. The staff at Leonard & Finco are among the best at developing top-of-mind awareness, which helped my company to succeed. They have excellent strategic thinking skills and an impressive ability to keep my company’s name in the public’s eye. Recently, I have expanded with two new offices, one in Milwaukee and one in Detroit, and there’s no other PR firm I’d rather be working with than L&F.”

Scott Bushkie, President | Cornerstone Business Services 
Scott Bushkie, President | Cornerstone Business Services

“The L&F team was critical in Bellin communicating our important change in leadership to so many people! The plan, including timing, went just as we hoped.”

George Kerwin, Retired CEO | Bellin Health 
George Kerwin, Retired CEO | Bellin Health