Sometimes social media is just for fun!

By: Susan Finco, President, Leonard & Finco Public Relations 

As someone who works in the PR field, much of my social media work is just that; it’s for work. Love doing it, and love helping our clients, but we really don’t get to play around with it for fun. We’re always strategizing, reviewing and adjusting. That’s why this past week’s Facebook individual timeline movie made a great impression on me. It was just fun! No big meaning, no figuring out if the content was the right or if the graphics/video were interesting enough. If your own timeline movie was boring, well, it was your own fault because it was made up of what you’ve been posting since you joined Facebook. And, I have to say, I really didn’t view anyone’s timeline movie that was boring!

I know Facebook gets criticized a lot and often it’s deserved. I also know some people say Facebook is becoming irrelevant. But, judging by the sheer number of people who “produced” their timeline movies in the past week, I’d say there’s still a very strong following. (Yes, it’s an anecdotal observation; no scientific survey here.) The timeline movie really showcased what social media does best: getting us interested and talking and involved with each other. It’s what we love about it! And it reminded me how much fun it can be.