The 5W’s of Event Promotion

Nov 22, 2022

In the leadup and planning of events, details can easily get overlooked, especially when promoting the event. Taking the five W’s (who, what, when, where and why) into account from the get-go will make the marketing and promotion process easier. Here’s what to consider in each category for your best event yet.

Who? Even if you’re holding a long running event, it’s important to remind the audience WHO your organization is, what you do and why you’re holding this event. When drafting materials, ask yourself “What do I want the public to know about my organization?” This is especially important if you’re hosting a new event, fundraiser or event open to the public.

What? Event communication should focus on answering what your event is and what the attendees can expect. This includes what will be happening at your event such as performers, guest speakers, musicians, if food will be served, silent auction and raffles, ticket information and even dress code. The “what” category encompasses the information that makes your event unique and interesting, making people want to attend.

When and Where? Yes, sometimes big details like where the event is taking place, the date and time get forgotten or miscommunicated! These details should be included in all event communications, including social media posts. But “when and where” should also communicate parking details, if the event is online or in-person, and if online, when links will be circulated.

Why? Similar to answering “what” your event is about, is sharing why your event matters, how it differs from other events and why your cause should matter to the target audience. Plain and simple, sharing a human angle in the communication and marketing materials will explain why your event is worthy of attending.

Communicating the answers to these questions in your promotional materials will put you on track to your best event yet!