The Cure for Communication Overload

By: Susan Finco, President, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

Let’s face it…most of us are “connected” 24/7 these days. Do you even remember what it felt like not to have your phone next to you all day, every day? Do we really need to be connected all the time?  I can hear the shouting right now, “yes, Yes, YES!” 
O.K., I hear you. I’m one of you. BUT, after starting to feel like there was a never a break, I have been making a concerted effort to have some “disconnect” time lately. No phone. No iPad. No laptop. That means no Twitter, no Facebook, no email and no news. No calls from family, friends and clients alike (at least until I turn the phone back on). Yikes! Just the thought of that could put me in a panic.
But I have found that occasionally unplugging has been a really good thing. I try for a couple of hours a week, usually on Sundays. What do I DO on those days/times? Enjoy the quiet and think about everything or nothing; go for a walk; listen to music; read a book; clean a closet – uninterrupted. (That might seem odd, but for someone who really likes being organized, a clean closet is heavenly!).  Now, mind you, I’m not at the point where I could go all day without being connected but, even for a few hours, it turns out to be a really good thing. It’s relaxing and, in many ways, rejuvenating. Turns out, I never really miss anything. Eventually, I go back online and catch up with the calls, emails and news. Just like always.
So before you think or say you can’t possibly disconnect, I challenge you to try it. You might be surprised how much you actually like it!