The Website Update

Jan 27, 2023

Just because you have a company website doesn’t mean that you’re done with it.

Websites are frequently viewed by your customers, clients, partners and even potential employees. Making sure that your landing pages are relevant, working and coherent can make or break a relationship.

If you are wondering whether your website could use some maintenance, ask yourself these three questions:The Website Update

  1. Is the information up to date and accurate? A website with outdated information is a major red flag for viewers. If anything, always keep contact information and addresses up to date.
  2. Are the messages and information reflective of your brand? Your brand may have evolved since your website was first launched. Make sure that the messaging you have is a good portrayal of what your brand is today.
  3. Do all of the links work? Nothing is more annoying than when a link doesn’t work. Review and update your links regularly, especially if they link to places outside of your own website.

These are just some of the website management tasks that should be done on a regular basis to keep your website relevant for all your business interactions.

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