Tis’ the Season for sharing and caring

By: Cole Buergi, Vice President, Leonard & Finco Public Relations

Multicolored plasticine Santa hats on a white background

With the holidays upon us, now is a great time for your company to be thinking about how it can help others less fortunate,

There are numerous organizations doing amazing work with limited staffing and, often, less of a budget. Volunteering by you and your staff is a great opportunity to make a huge difference to so many, including your own team of employees. Volunteering is a huge help to many organizations and is a great way to build team comradery. It’s also a powerful reminder to be thankful for what you have as you get to see firsthand that not everyone is as fortunate, which is often forgotten as we go about our daily lives.

If volunteering doesn’t work, consider taking up an office collection for a worthy cause. This could be in the form or money, food, clothing or personal care items. Budgets are often tight for work and many organizations work to stretch every dollar to the max. A donation of these items can make all the difference.
There also might be some media coverage opportunities for your company’s kindness. It’s good to highlight these activities. Not only will it help show your company’s commitment to the community, but it also helps spotlight a need within the community and may encourage others to do the same.
From the team at Leonard & Finco, we wish all of you a happy and joyous holiday season!