What does your digital footprint say about you?

By: Angela Raleigh, Account Executive, Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc.
As a result of our daily conversations on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and other social media networks, we become content creators…posting one-liners, inspirational quotes, photos, personal reminiscences and complaints among other things. Interacting through social networks is a way for us to stay connected with those around us.
As you tweet, post or pin, do you think about the digital footprint that you are creating? Or the message you will send to those who follow your personal page or like your company page?
It’s important to understand that what others know about you is based on what you post. Think about it, if you were applying for a job, there is a good chance that the company will do a Google search to see what information they can gather about you. And remember, first impressions matter.
On the business side, you will want to know what your customers are saying about your products or services. The reviews that your company receives, whether they are good or bad, will be on the web for current and potential customers to see. Monitoring what is being said and responding in a timely manner is key to managing your reputation. That’s never been more true than in today’s digital world where it’s easy to look up information on companies and individuals.
Whether you realize it or not, your online activity or inactivity contributes to your identity and influences those around you. Next time you’re near your computer or smartphone, take a moment to learn what your social media footprint says about you. I’d be interested in learning what you found.