Which social media platforms are best for your business?

Mar 13, 2023

Is your business considering adding another social media platform to your marketing arsenal? Here’s a list of the top seven social media platforms and three things to consider before joining each!


                • Used by most social media consumers
                • Best platform for small to medium sized businesses
                • Diverse content options


                • Photo and video centric
                • Showcase your business visually
                • Good option for reaching new audiences


              • B2B and B2C audiences
              • Share your business and professional expertise
              • Networking, recruitment and hiring platform


              • Video centric
              • Audience skews younger, but opportunity to reach all ages
              • Option to repurpose content on other platforms


              • Small audience base
              • Short-lived content
              • Great for behind-the-scenes content


              • Long or short-form video
              • Content can be used on other social platforms and website
              • Potentially expand online community
Social Media Platforms Cheat Sheet
Download a PDF version of the Social Media Cheat Sheet here.