Yes….I will be back to your store!

By: Susan Finco, President, Leonard & Finco Public Relations, Inc.

Good customer service isn’t necessarily a thing of the past, but exceptional customer service is rare, especially when a mistake has been made. That’s why I have to share several recent experiences our office has had with the local FedEx Kinkos store; experiences that have me saying “yes, I’ll be back!”

We’re working on a couple of projects where we need to produce some large display boards. As often happens, a client needed one of the boards right away, so I ran over to FedEx Kinkos and explained my dilemma. The clerk said no problem, we’ll get it done right away and I’ll call you as soon as it’s done. As we were talking, I also mentioned that we would need an additional 20 boards at the end of the next week. When I came back a while later to pick up the board (yes, the clerk did call me), the clerk said she checked their inventory and ordered some extra boards so that they would have enough for us when we needed the next batch. Outstanding!

The next week, we ordered the remaining display boards. Because things were a bit chaotic at the office, we didn’t go through all of them one by one until the day before our meeting. Yep, you guessed it. We had two of one board…but were missing another. I checked on our end to be sure we sent over the correct files (which we did). So, I called and politely explained the issue. There was never a question or a hesitation from FedEx Kinkos. The clerk said he was terribly sorry and they would produce the remaining board. When I asked if I could have it by the next morning, he said he would have it done within an hour or so and he would call me. True to his word, he called within the time frame. When I picked it up, another clerk reiterated they were sorry about the missing board.

In total, I worked with four different people at this store. All were helpful and polite. They listened to what I was saying (ordering extra boards so we could get our second order done on time), did what they said they were going to do (calling when orders were done) and, although a mistake was made on the second order, they quickly and professionally took care of the issue. You can’t ask for better service than that. And that’s why I will come back to their store.